App Launch

Did You Know

You can launch apps on your on the “TaskBar” by pressing:

  • WIN + 1 (to Launch the first app on your “TaskBar”)
  • WIN +2 (to launch the second App on your “TaskBar“)
  • WIN + X (for additional apps)

Stay tuned for more tips.

Windows 11

Windows 11

Microsoft has announced the first Insider Preview for Windows 11.

I was under the impression that Windows 10 was the last version on Windows with half year and annual updates. It seems that this planned pandemic has caused more ructions than we could have imagined. What we have been able to find out that the NSA have been spying on anyone and everyone over the past. They have been working with Microsoft, Linux, Apple and all hard disk and router manufactures to have spyware and backdoors in all operating systems worldwide. They have been the people hat have helped create the internet, all security software being used worldwide.

With the end of the current age and as we head into a new era, there are many changes forecast. One, a new Quantum internet (QI) is being put in place, one where hacking will be eliminated and second a new Quantum Financial system (QFS). This will require many changes to the O/S if we are to retain our current computing power.

So with Microsoft releasing a new OS at this time makes me think that this could be a release that could have everything ready for a switch over to the new QI.

Windows 11 Bug Bash July 7—July 14!