Action Items

There are no well-defined prompts for visitors to take action

On a business’ website, clearly state what you want customers to do when they visit the site. Strange as it may seem, people actually want to be told what action to take!

Complete the following exercise…

On each page of your site, think about where and how you can add a call to action. Layer in conversion opportunities like pop-up forms, alert bars, and timed or exit pop-ups. Any lead forms should be prominent and click-worthy. (Remember: the goal of your small business website is to capture leads and nurture them to become customers.)

If you think that people may not actually want to leave personal information with you, providing something of value that’s for free, its something that makes people more willing to share personal info like their name or email address in return.

The branding and vision

The website design doesn’t reflect your branding and vision

There are times that you may see a discrepancy between a small business’s brick and mortar business and the online footprint. It may be that the branding is different, or their website doesn’t reflect the professionalism of their brick-and-mortar store. Whatever the case, you need to create an impact with the online website design.

“The visual layer of a website, when informed by strategy and user-centered thinking, can elevate the entire brand experience,” says

“Design decisions can greatly influence the effectiveness of digital content and connecting with your intended audience, and help solve complex problems within the website. A great web design can also aid in telling a story to the customer, and when paired with useful, relevant information, it can educate, entertain, and delight while achieving business goals.”

A simple website design is vital to having a profitable small business website, an overly complicated website doesn’t convert site visitors into customers but may turn them away. To many stimuli on a website leads to confusion, and when a visitor is confused they quickly leave.

Be pragmatic in the use of colors, font types, and design elements. And use white space to your advantage, as it draws eyes into the important elements on a page. Stick to a main design theme and don’t stray from it.