Server Technician

What Is a Server Support Technician?

A server support technician manages, repairs and analyzes an organization’s servers, making sure everything is running, up to date and secure.

Other duties of a server support technician may include the following:

  • Running routine security and vulnerability scans
  • Assemble and install physical hardware as and when required
  • Maintain an accurate inventory of equipment and connections
  • Oversee the disposal of obsolete and sensitive equipment
  • Install and support software packages
  • Operate and monitor complex computer systems, and network infrastructure
  • Know the different server types; Authentication, database, mail, web, file and print, virtual and host servers

A server technician needs to analyze the performance of an organization’s servers and resolves any issues that may arise. Someone in this role should have great problem-solving skills and be highly knowledgeable in Windows and other Server Operating systems. They are also responsible for installing hardware, racks and operating systems.

Many technical staff may work remotely and on a contractual basis, working where the problems occur. Strong verbal and written communication skills are an essential requirement for this position. People in this role must be able to work independently, with minimal to no supervision. Some of these people may very well end up as server or network design architects.