Online Fraud


Online Fraud

Online fraud costs public billions but still not a police priority!

Why you ask, and so do I.

In this day and age, when everything is about profit one would think that it was worth investing in proper securities to protect not only their clients but also their profits.

  1. It seems that it is cheaper to insure than to protect (no losses incurred by the organization that has been a victim). Losses are carried by their clients, we pay the added cost of the insurance premiums.
  2. Bill Gates said many years ago that it was his vision to see a computer on everyone’s desk to make life easier, has that happened?
    1. Yes: we have a computer on most peoples desk, well in our hand now.
    2. No: it has not made life any easier, to the contrary it has made life more difficult and controlling.
  3. It has opened up a whole new arena for the criminal and no matter what you think that you can do about it, you are wrong. There will always be someone that creates something that is meant for the good of all and someone that will pull it apart and find the flaws and weaknesses to invade your privacy and steal from you.

The overall cost of all forms of fraud in 2016 was £10bn to individuals and £144bn to the private sector, arising from almost 2m cyber-related fraud incidents”, just think of the cost of goods today compared to just a few years ago, do you really think that this could have been possible without our wonderfully connected world? I believe not.

Another factor that comes into play is the new currencies, digging for (mining) for crypto currencies, getting nothing and calling it the new currencies of the world. One ore two people are making millions and millions are loosing money in the process by actually purchasing this nothing with our last few coins that we have.Fraud it is everywhere, keep your eyes peeled and be on your guard.

And we thought that the old gangster day’s were bad, Open your eyes and look around people.