Mobile device friendly

Today all websites should be built to accommodate mobile devices

The fact that in todays market, 30% of all website traffic originates from handheld devices like a mobile phones or tablets, yet 90% of small business websites are not designed to cater for these devices’ screen sizes. Failing to have a “responsive” site template or one optimized for these devices can drive away customers and hinder your search engine rankings and look unprofessional.

To check if your small business website is responsive ( for mobile devices) optimized, or needs a little tweaking, use Google’s mobile-friendly test tool.

  • Enter your site URL.
  • Google will rate your website’s mobile-friendliness using handy color-coded guides. 
    • A green light shows that your website passed the Mobile test,
    • A yellow light, there is potential for improvement,
    • A red light if you need a lot of help.
  • Google ranks everything from mobile page speed to screen capacity and resolution.

Verifying that your site is Mobile friendly and that your certificate is current and secure are an essential parts of the requirements.