Rely on a third-party website like social media as the companies primary website

Most SMB (small and medium-sized business) owners fear that because they don’t know how to code a website and the cost of a commercial one is inhibitive, they can’t have an online presence. Many therefore resort to using a third-party platform like social media as their primary website and point of contact. 

If you are one of those relying only on Facebook, Twitter or any another social media channel as a primary business hub, you could be missing out on many potential leads and sales. Relying on this type of platform, you’re always at the mercy of that third-party. You have little if any control over your content changes and if the platform changes access or policies, or you contravene their guidelines you are banned and the account closed with no consideration to your content, then you’ve lost the only means of income that you have.

Go ahead and create your own Website.