Relinquish control

Relinquish control by outsourcing web tasks

Many small business owners think that to outsource web development tasks to expensive agencies or contractors will save them time. It’s sometimes helpful to delegate some small business tasks on others, in this case it might not be the best idea for your website to be one of them. 
Reasons? For starters, outsourcing your website makes it difficult to effect changes when and where you want. Paid programmers work on many sites and will always chase the best money. You may have to go through multiple hoops — or even wait weeks at a time to get a small website tweak made.

If you are considering or are already outsourcing, you are or have given away the control over your OWN site, this could result in added cost, delays, and headaches.
An example: 

You need to change the telephone number on your website. So you contact your outsourced web developer, but they could be away on vacation or busy with another customer for the next two weeks. You wait two weeks to hear back from them, and when you do, they quote a small change of $500.

 Cost. Time. Headache. Can all be avoided! 

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