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From: Chris Pichler Sent: Tuesday, October 02, 2012 10:36 AM (CTC Traincanada)

To: AllSales; OperationsManagers

Subject: TrainLive reviews

Hello, In the 9 months I’ve been doing MTM reports, I’ve never seen such positive feedback of our courses! 50470 was taught by Wolf Holzmann.

Here are the comments.

Sylvain Leclerc, Edmonton

The setting was perfect. TrainLive worked very well, I was working quietly in my classroom, the class size (including other participants) was small enough that I felt comfortable asking specific questions. The support and hospitality of the local office was nothing short of excellent. All of this very conducive for focused learning. The only negative is that LogMeIn kept on disconnecting.

The instructor was outstanding throughout. It was clear that giving the learner what they needed was a constant concern throughout. I especially appreciated the fact that he took us to his sites so we could see customized S/P sites. He also showed us some web resources which was one of the essential elements I needed. · The pace and the content of the training was excellent; kept me on the edge of my seat.

Brad Simmons, Victoria  

One of the most hospitable locations and staff I have ever been taught with.

Great job with everything, handled questions very well and thoroughly.