Preparing for a Meeting

Item Task Details
1 Define participants
2 Determine the venue
  • (internal or external)
3 Determine the topics
  • Time allowed for each topic
  • Beginning and end of the meeting
  • Plan in breaks
  • Don’t forget the item “Any other business”
4 Put together materials and documents
  • Explanations for the items
  • Overview of alternatives including their pros and cons
  • Suggestions
  • Summary of already existing opinions
5 Invitations Write invitations including the following points:

  • What is the meeting about?
  • Why will the topic be discussed (use, reason, purpose, aim)?
  • Where will the meeting take place?
  • When will the meeting be held? (If necessary, agree on the date by phone before sending off the written invitation)
  • Who will be invited?
6 Publish Agenda and documents
  • email, public site
7 Obtain a confirmation
  •  track confirmations
8 Provide Presentation
  • Board/paper with various writing implements and cloth
  • Notebook/ projector (test them before the meeting) or OHP with spare bulb, transparencies and markers
  • Moderator’s case (check content for completeness before the meeting)
  • Microphone system (test before the meeting)
9 Arrange for catering
  •  mind alergies
10 If required, make a seating plan
  • and have place cards printed
11 Define type of minutes
  • detailed minutes or discussion notes with results/ decisions, depending on purpose of the minutes
12 Appoint a keeper of the minutes