More blank page tricks

Word for Microsoft 365, Word 20XX

Page breaks tell Word where to start a new page. A manual page break might be making an unwanted blank page in your document.

  1. To see manual page breaks, switch to showing paragraph marks: Press Ctrl+Shift+8.
  2. Now you can select the page break and delete it.

A page break at the bottom of a Word page

Section break problems

In the middle of a document, deleting section breaks can cause formatting problems. In these cases, try changing the section break to one that doesn’t generate a new page. Here’s how:

  1. Double select the section break.
  2. On the Layout tab of the Page Setup dialog box, select the Section start drop down and select Continuous.
  3. Select OK.

Odd, Even, and Next cause blank pages
Next Page, Odd Page, and Even Page section breaks may create a blank page in your document. If the blank page occurs at the end of your document and you have a section break there, place your cursor directly before the section break and press Delete.

Tip: To more easily find section breaks, try switching to Draft on the View tab.

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