Internet of things

Internet of Things 

Are you ready for the new “Internet of Thing” (IoT)?

The Internet of Things is the networking of all physical devices such as, your vehicle/s, any home appliances and other devices with electronics embedded, various software programs, sensors, actuators, and connectivity with enabled devices that connect to the Internet and can exchange data, creating opportunities for unlimited direct integration of our physical environment into a greater computer-based system or cloud based systems.  This could increase efficiency in certain environments, economic benefits in others and reduced human intervention everywhere. Good or bad, this technology is spreading fast, people are looking for IoT developers (good as it creates jobs) and of course bad as we do not comprehend the full impact of what is to follow.

The competition has started between Google Home and Amazon Echo has started and we will see great strides in the development of these two platforms.  Both Amazon Echo and Home function as a source of entertainment, a personal assistant and a smart-home controller, but are listening to and monitoring your every word, a single word from you will get it started up and responding to your every command. They have voice recognition as the primary input method, starting music, a TV or any of the IoT devices connected within your home. With the latest IP V6 protocol that is being implemented to connect devices there will be approximately 4000 ip addresses available to each person on earth. Now that’s a lot of devices to connect.

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