How Secure is your Data?

Data encryption security

USA has never allowed high tech encryption technologies to be exported unless approved by the US government.

Your question has to be! Why?

Could it be that, unless they can hack the product that it would/could cause a threat?

France does not allow encrypted emails, what more do we need to know about security, or the lack of it.

So how secure is your encrypted data?

Not at all secure, secure from the average hacker, but not secure from a professional, they have all of the secondary keys to decrypt the data.

We have Data and we have Encryption.

As a company, we have Data and it is always recommended that we use encryption to secure our data, but how secure is our data?

Hacking a broken padlock security issue.

My mind always reverts to the question, who invented the new encryption algorithm? Was it really an average person or does it originate at the DoD or one of the other 3 letter agencies, that are showing people a new highly secure environment, one that has backdoors to the plain text data.

Our life in IT security is an illusion, all it means is, that we have to teach awareness of the issues to our staff and prevent the small fry from tricking our users into parting out too much information, or clicking on links that could lead our company into a real security breach.

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