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Enterprise security is not always a top priority or even on the mind of employees, but it should be. Educated employee’s are the first line of defense against security breaches. In large multinational companies their best defence strategy is to partner with their employees, prepare them with knowledge and empower them to live a secure lifestyle both at work and at home. The graphic shows some tips on how to keep our employees informed about good practices in security measures.

  • The best way to protect against vulnerabilities at the enterprise level is to start by defining a plan that ensures security Education and Awareness is integrated into the business operational lifecycle as soon as possible.
  • To ensure key security messages arrive effectively, think about how best to share these messages. For security-related alerts that require employee action you might consider an email as the appropriate method. For general awareness and reminders, digital signage around buildings and/or informal meetings may work better. One thing to bear in mind, have consistent branding around every communication.
  • Informing employees of any new security policies or initiatives can help keep your security top of their mind. Have a clear objective of what you want your employees to learn and present the information in a way that is meaningful and memorable.
  • Start an incentive program where employees that participate in your campaigns get recognized for their efforts. The more fun you have around security awareness and education, the more employees will automatically tune in to the topic.
  • Cyber attacks will never stop targeting employees, so foster a workplace environment where employees feel comfortable sharing potential vulnerabilities they encounter without fear of reprisals.
  • Empowering your employees to take charge of enterprise security within their own space lets them “practice security” on a daily basis, eventually becoming second nature to them.
  • Add in a couple of worthwhile incentives, and you can have an army of security champions. Champions are a companies voices that help to influence employees and drive security awareness throughout the organization.
  • Always measure your success or failures and learn from the results to see if the employees gained anything from your communications plan. Create feedback through social channels like the companies intranet portal any other channels that work. Using surveys to evaluate the success is just one way to achieve these results.
  • Publish industry trends helps employees stay up to date with the latest attacks and can mitigate them. Employees need to know that not all organizations fall into the same category and what works in one organization may not work in another.
  • Encouraging employees to share their experiences, stories and insights with family and friends will help create public awareness,  thus helping to enable a more secure environment for everyone.

Remember that a Happy Employee is a valuable asset to any organization.

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