Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

How do you feel about Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

The big names in technology are so divided over AI, some good and some bad. What has normal technology done for you over the past 40 or so years?

43 years ago Bill Gates stated that he wanted to improve the quality of life by putting a computer on everyone’s desktop, since then we have almost achieved this goal. I believe that life has not got any better but worse, people stopped using their brain to store telephone number, address and a lot of other secondary information like birthdays and other related days, and moved this information to the cloud where it is being mined by every creepy person out there. In the past bank robberies were few and far between, now banks are being hacked and being defrauded every day, all good so far!

Internet security is a multi billion dollar business, and someone has to pay for this. Money is being moved around the world at incredible speeds and being used to launder money from high profile criminals.

Most people were safe from personal fraud, now things are speeding up and just being on the internet is posing a risk, Phishing attacks, personal information being stolen and used to create dummy people and drain peoples accounts of all of their hard earned cash.

And the list goes on, more security programs, better hackers to crack the new security, governments using the digital environment to monitor and track your every move.

And now AI, what is next? What do you think?

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